Fix for News Titles not Showing on CMS Made Simple

As we’ve been developing the Ecobion Labs website, we’ve encountered an issue with CMS Made simple, but one that’s easy to fix.

The problem comes from the news content, when you click it, it loads onto the main page section, but doesn’t update the page title to reflect that of the news item, so you see your news item, with a page title from something else you were looking at before.

Some fixes are posted on the internet, such as that shown by idt (link at the bottom), but these fixes didn’t seem to work for us, perhaps they may for you if you are using a different version.

So, we came up with something different:

In Layout > Templates, click on the EDIT icon for your default template, we’re using NCleanBlue, as it works well with our corporate image.

Under the section, look for:

             <h1 class="title">Fix for News Titles not Showing on CMS Made Simple</h1>

Replace with:

              <!--<h1 class="title">Fix for News Titles not Showing on CMS Made Simple</h1>-->

This comments out the title (like ignoring it, so it doesn’t work).

Next, in your Content > Pages, edit each page you’ve created in turn with the following:

In the content box, click View HTML just below, and that will switch the editor to HTML code view.

Add this line at the top:

             <h1 class="title">Fix for News Titles not Showing on CMS Made Simple</h1>

This puts the title back in, but into the top of the main section page content, so when you click on a news item, that old title is replaced, as well as the rest of the content with the news item content.

If you see the code on your web page after saving instead of the title, then you didn’t enter it under the HTML mode. Go back and do it correctly!

The drawback from this is that the titles for the news items are not formatted exactly like the content pages, and the News main page has no title at the moment, but at least everything is displaying correctly. If we figure out how to improve the page title for news items, we’ll update this article.

Further Reading:

Idt- Setting your page’s title to be the News title:

CMS made Simple:

By Brent C Stevens - (C) 7 October, 2016, Ecobion Labs

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